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Plastic Regranulates for 100% Recycled Plastic Packaging – Combination seal of flustix and DIN CERTCO certifies two products of APK

Berlin/Merseburg, April 2021. For independent certification of its plastic recyclates, APK AG, Merseburg (Germany), relies on the flustix RECYCLED certification. Following a successful audit, APK’s Mersamid® PA and Mersalen® LDPE have been awarded the combined flustix/DIN CERTCO seal. Each of these granulates was verified to …

2021 – A decisive year for advancements in innovative recycling – With Newcycling®, APK AG takes aim at new markets for recycled plastics

Merseburg, 10 February 2021. At APK AG in Merseburg, Germany, improving recyclate quality and working to close the loop on plastic products remain at the top of their agenda for 2021. The Corona virus made 2020 a turbulent year for the recycling industry, and in …