Europäischer Fonds für regionlae Entwicklung

The expansion of our production plant in Merseburg for the Newcycling® of multi-layer packaging film waste from production sources with an investment volume of EUR 18.1 million will be supported by a grant from the Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt within the scope of the joint task "Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure (GRW) "and should be completed by the end of 2018.


Europäischer Sozialfonds

The extension of the APK solvent-based recycling process to additional plastic waste streams and process optimization/evaluation with regard to food standards for Newcycling® products. The   financial support helps to contribute significantly to the development of a circular plastics economy.

Support from the "Innovation Assistant" Programme

Project period: October 2018 to October 2020


From Recycling to Newcycling®

APK on

About us


APK manufactures high-quality plastics (LDPE, HDPE, PP), plastic mixtures and compounds made of pre- and post- consumer plastic wastes.


APK's pilot plant in Merseburg, Germany: 57,000 m² (613,500 sq ft) for production, R&D and administration

Process based on proprietary solvent-based physical technology

Large-scale pilot plant funded by MIG Fonds and AT Newtec

Company founded in 2008

90 employees


2018APK expanded its plant in Merseburg



2015Alternative material flows

APK is testing the Newcycling® processing of plastic automotive waste together with strategic development partners.


2014Product launch

APK launches Mersalen® LDPE ReCompound on the market.



Start of the trial run of our chemical and physical Newcycling® process.



Germany's leading business journal WirtschaftsWoche, in cooperation with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants GmbH, list APK AG as one of the 30 most innovative green startup companies in Germany.


2011Production start

The plant section for mechanical and physical processing and separation of plastic waste goes into production.



APK was founded in 2008 by Dr. Wolfgang Lindner, Björn Lindner and Ingo Lindner and started with the vision of generating plastics in their most homogeneous form from plastic waste, breaking them down into their most unadulterated state. The investors MIG Fonds and AT Newtec finance a pilot plant in Merseburg.

From Recycling to Newcycling®

Today we treat
 packaging waste and 
 reclaim LDPE compounds using state-of-the-art recycling technology.



The recycling revolution: tomorrow we reclaim virgin-quality polyolefins etc. from mixed waste streams, finally realizing cradle-to-cradle, saving oil and energy.



Virgin-quality plastic recyclates

Our unique and proprietary dissolution technology produces clean, pure regranulates,
thereby helping to protect the environment and conserve resources for future generations.

Cradle-to cradle

We close the product lifecycle:
cradle-to-cradle, no incineration or landfill.

Energy efficiency

We save massively on energy and resources compared to manufacturing of new plastics.


We sustainably produce high-quality raw materials.

Application fields

Our initial application fields are municipal solid waste, beverage carton rejects, plastic films and automotive plastic waste.

Recycling & Newcycling®


Newcycling® and recycling of pre- and post-consumer plastic waste, incl. compounds




Customer-specific manufactured compounds or intermediate products


For many plastic applications, such as

Films/extrusion products

Blow moulded products


Injection moulded products

Newcycling® of multilayer packaging waste and plastic waste fractions


PP & fPP

and other plastics in the planning stage


Mersalen® ReCompounds & Mersamid®

Plastic compounds made up of LDPE, HDPE, PP, PA or combinations and produced by adding special additives
– customer-specific requests possible.


e.g. pipes & films

Blow moulding

e.g. bottles

Compression moulding

e.g. pallets & paddocks

Injection moulding

e.g. turf grid, parts of packaging & building material

Data sheets available on request.


The materials that we produce are subject to constant quality control and manufactured with utmost care based on our current technical expertise and knowledge. As is naturally the case with recycled materials, variations in the material may occur. The values provided with this information are therefore averages and do not release those using our materials from any obligation to perform their own tests and analyses in order to ensure the required properties of their end product. Legally binding assurances with regard to the properties of the end product or its suitability for specific purposes cannot be inferred from the information that we have provided here. The parties receiving/processing our materials should always ensure that they have observed and fulfilled their own responsibilities and obligations concerning applicable property rights and existing laws and regulations. We reserve the right to make amendments. In all other respects, our General Terms and Conditions of Sales apply.

Merseburg Plant

Technical facts


Management Board
Klaus Wohnig CEO - Mike Kaina COO

Klaus Wohnig, Managing Director (Speaker)


Klaus Wohnig holds a degree in Business Administration and manages APK AG supported by a competent team with extensive expertise in their areas of responsibility. He brings to this task his comprehensive know-how and experience gained in managerial assignments in internationally operating companies in various sectors.

Mike Kaina, Managing Director


Mike Kaina, Graduate Engineer, is responsible for production and technology. He has years of extensive experience in the management of recycling companies and in the development and production of recycled materials, in particular with regard to high-quality plastic re-granulates and compounds.


MIG Fonds invests in young, unlisted startup companies in German-speaking regions. The investment portfolio includes the pharmaceutical sector, biotechnology, cleantech, new materials and computer science. The MIG Fonds offers private investors a chance to participate directly in the portfolio of promising tech companies.

Hexal founders
Dr Andreas and Dr Thomas Strüngmann
participate through
AT Newtec GmbH.

AT Newtec invests in young, unlisted startup companies in German-speaking regions.


Current Offers

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QA / Research & Development




Plastic Recycling Innovation Center

Cooperations with
leading universities
and research institutions

Memberships & Certifications


Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe & Entsorgung e.V. (bvse)

Recyclers Europe

Bundesverband der Deutschen Entsorgungs-, Wasser- und Rohstoffwirtschaft e.V.

Verband Technische Kunststoff-Produkte e.V. der GKV

The New Plastics Economy

Umweltallianz Sachsen-Anhalt

as per
DIN EN ISO 50001 : 2011

Certification according to the requirements of VerpackV regulation

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Florian Riedl

Head of Business Development Newcycling®

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Julia Wunder

Business Development Newcycling®

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Sales Recycling Products & Raw Materials Procurement
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Assistant to the Management Board and Internal Sales

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Internal Sales

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Human Resources
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Anke Omlor

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