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Acquisition of Clariant pilot plant secures APK’s position as forerunner in the plastics recycling industry

Merseburg, 22. June 2022. The acquisition of Clariant’s research and development unit is a crucial element in extending APK’s existing expertise in the production of top-quality products from polyethylene waste to include additional types of plastics. Among the goals is the creation of high-quality products …

APK AG acquires pilot plant in Frankfurt am Main

Merseburg / Frankfurt am Main, 15 June 2022. From linear to circular – the future of Clariant’s multi-purpose pilot plant in Frankfurt lies in the circular economy. Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH in Frankfurt am Main and APK AG in Merseburg have reached an agreement on …

APK AG: Casper Frijns joins Supervisory Board and is elected as new Chairman

Merseburg, 13 June 2022. We would like to announce a change within APK AG’s Supervisory Board. As of 13 June 2022, Casper Frijns joined the Supervisory Board and was elected as chairman by his fellow board members. During his extensive career as an industrial engineer, …

Modiplast and APK AG announce collaboration in the Israeli market

Rishon Le Zion, Israel/Merseburg, Germany – 14 February 2022. Modiplast, an Israeli supplier of raw materials and intermediates for the Israeli plastics industry, and APK, a German plastics recycler, have begun collaboration in the Israeli market. Within the framework of this collaboration, Modiplast will distribute Mersamid® …

Grey was yesterday: APK AG presents fully decolourised plastic recyclates

Newcycling® of post-consumer waste proven successful on an industrial scale Merseburg, 15. December 2021. The crowning achievement for any recycling company is obtaining pure plastic recyclates from mixed consumer waste. “2021 was a milestone year for APK AG. We were able to prove that our Newcycling®-technology …

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