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Modiplast and APK AG announce collaboration in the Israeli market

Rishon Le Zion, Israel/Merseburg, Germany – 14 February 2022. Modiplast, an Israeli supplier of raw materials and intermediates for the Israeli plastics industry, and APK, a German plastics recycler, have begun collaboration in the Israeli market. Within the framework of this collaboration, Modiplast will distribute Mersamid® …

Grey was yesterday: APK AG presents fully decolourised plastic recyclates

Newcycling® of post-consumer waste proven successful on an industrial scale Merseburg, 15. December 2021. The crowning achievement for any recycling company is obtaining pure plastic recyclates from mixed consumer waste. “2021 was a milestone year for APK AG. We were able to prove that our Newcycling®-technology …

APK AG expands its sales operations

APK AG increases trade activities as Frank Brommbeer joins as Head of Sales Merseburg, 02 December 2021. The market for recycled plastics is undergoing dynamic development. Recycled plastics are in greater demand than ever and qualitative requirements are increasing noticeably. Against this backdrop, APK AG is …

APK AG is driving expansion

Newly on board at APK AG: Susanne Küppers becomes Member of the Board of Directors and Maik Pusch joins the team as Director of Corporate Development Merseburg, 22 November 2021. APK AG is forging ahead with its expansion plans: several plants utilising APK’s innovative Newcycling® …

US-based investment firm Closed Loop Partners publishes extensive analysis on advanced plastics recycling technologies

Solvent-based purification technologies demonstrate environmental benefits Merseburg/New York – Today, the US-based investment firm Closed Loop Partners (CLP) released its latest report “Transitioning to a Circular System for Plastics: Assessing Molecular Recycling Technologies in the United States and Canada”. The study focuses specifically on one …

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